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Searching Out Street Art

Street art is becoming more prevalent in towns and cities, and while it may be seen merely as graffiti, it is often much more sophisticated than that term implies. Many artists are becoming more famous through their street art creations, not least of which is the infamous Banksy, whose work can command a small fortune. Here are some examples of street art from around the world.

Smates' Great White Shark

Smates is an emerging Belgian artist, and this particular work brought him to the attention of the public. A drab concrete motorway pillar has been transformed into a magical shark tank, exploding in vivid blue colour.

Flix's Multi-coloured Robots

Flix is from Venezuela and delights in taking everyday objects seen on the streets and turning them into multi-coloured robots. His style incorporates Aztec art, and his creations can be seen in his home town of Caracas.

Lake's Mexican Bandit

The German artist Lake is a mysterious character, and very little is known about him. However, his street art has received much praise, particularly for his Mexican bandit piece, which is painted on a rooftop in Guadalajara.

Many cities now have guided trails to enable visitors to seek out the most exciting examples of street art, and it is undoubtedly a great way to discover up and coming artists in this genre. Other artworks to look out for include Mr Dheo's anti-drink-driving advert in Portugal, MTO's Le Grande Leu in France and Olek's crocheted London taxi.

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